Have you tried the AiroPro yet? The batteries and magnetic carts do NOT disappoint! Smart design prevents rolling and magnetized carts make switching between strains super easy and down right fun. Their patented technology delivers 3x the draw of other vaporizers available in Maryland dispensaries, which means you are getting the maximum dose every time. Once you experience the effectiveness of the AiroPro system, you’ll have a hard time going back to the old vapes. The AiroPro is just too sleek and simple not to fall in love with.

AiroPro is the only brand that uses haptic feedback to indicate when the device is working at optimum functioning…..go on. As you draw on your AiroPro vaporizer, you’ll feel a slight buzz to let you know the job is getting done. That buzz you feel is the haptic feedback system letting you know the device is activated and providing you with a full and satisfying pull.

The haptic feedback will also let you know what the status of your battery is:

  • One Pulse – 30% battery remaining
  • Two Pulses – 20% battery remaining
  • Three Pulses – 10% battery remaining, charge soon
  • Halo Flashes 10 times – sorry, your battery is dead

AiroPro’s convenient micro-USB charging unit offers portability and convenience when you need to recharge, you’ll be back in business in no time.

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