Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Drink

Anti-Inflammatory Wellness Drink


Sliced ginger (4-6 pieces about the diameter of a quarter, and a 1/4 inch thickness)

Lemon (You can cut a lemon in half and add the whole thing)

Turmeric (ground or sliced works)

Honey (you can also use maple syrup for a vegan option)

CBD tincture (Your regular dose is the perfect amount. For psychoactive effects, add a dose of your preferred high THC RSO)

How to make:

Slice up the ginger (you can peel it first or leave the skin on, either way its yummy!) and put it in your cup, add some lemon (we like it zesty, so we often put a whole half of a lemon in there, rind and all!) Throw in a dash of ground turmeric, or a few slices of the root if you have it available. Add honey to taste. Put in your desired dose of CBD tincture/RSO, and pour hot water over contents of mug; let it sit for 3 minutes and then enjoy!

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