Using Concentrates Without Dabbing

The world of cannabis concentrates can be overwhelming to newcomers, from the various names like shatter and wax, to the method if ingestion known as dabbing. However, cannabis concentrates can be enjoyed in may ways.

  1. Rolling a joint or filling a cone. When you grind or pick apart your flower to roll a joint or fill a cone, take small pieces of concentrate and add into the already ground flower. The sticky nature of the concentrate will stick to the flower, allowing the mixture to be rolled or stuffed without sticking to the paper. Once rolled, proceed with smoking your joint or cone as you normally would.
  2. Herbal vaporizers. Many herbal vaproizers, such as the Volcano, and PAX, include attachments to vaporize concentrates. However, you can take things a step further by packing your vaporizer half way with flower, add a little concentrate, and then top the other half of the bowl with flower. Sandwiching the concentrate between the flower will cause it to melt into the flower, and be vaporized.

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