Cooking With Cannabis: Concentrates

Cooking with cannabis concentrates can be intimidating, even for the experienced cannabis chef. The process doesn’t differ much from cooking with dried cannabis flower, but in this tutorial we will go over the steps to ensure your success.

Please note that average dosage should be calculated before preparing any cannabis infused product so that you ensure proper dosage. To do this, keep things simple and work with a gram of concentrate and infuse that into 8oz of cooking oil (coconut oil, olive oil, or butter).

If the gram of concentrate tests at 80% THCa, then there are 800MG of THCa in the concentrate. We will then put the number 800 in our calculator, multiply it by 0.88 (800MG x 0.88 = 704MG ). Why multiply by 0.88? That is because when we cook with cannabis, by volume roughly 12% of the weight is “lost”. We aren’t losing potency, but rather amino acid chains that would have prevented our bodies from properly absorbing the THC. This is a necessary loss and will always result in the strongest edibles possible.

Now we know that at the end of this process, our 8oz of oil will contain 704MG, or 88MG per oz. Now if a recipe calls for 4oz of oil and makes 12 servings, we can say with a degree of confidence that each serving will be around 30MG. If this is too strong, then we can lower the THC by doing a mix of 2oz of cannabis infused oil and the other 2oz regular cooking oil. By doing this, our 12 servings go from 30MG to about 15MG a piece.

Now that we have calculated the milligrams of THC going into our edibles, and figured out how to make edibles with a desired potency, it is time to get cooking!

  1. Grab a small Pyrex or oven safe container that is large enough to hold 8oz of cooking oil.
  2. Open your concentrate, and put it directly on the bottom of the container.
  3. Place the container in the oven at 225-250 for about 30 minutes. (placing on a cookie sheet will prevent spills). Don’t forget to set a timer!
  4. After 30 minutes, CAREFULLY remove the container from the oven using caution not to burn yourself and turn off your oven. Then take the 8oz of cooking oil and put it directly into the container with the concentrate. Stir slowly to avoid splashes, but stir thoroughly to ensure that the oil is fully blended with the concentrate.
  5. Now set your oven to its lowest setting possible (160-170 or the “keep warm” setting.
  6. Place the oven safe container with everything in it back in the oven.
  7. Set your oven timer for an hour, and be sure to stir at least once during this process.
  8. After an hour, remove from the oven, give it a final stir for about a minute, and then allow to cool. Your cannabis concentrate infused oil is now ready to use or be stored. For storage, keep your oil in the refrigerator. Coconut oil will last the longest, followed by olive oil or avocado oil, and lastly butter.

Whenever preparing cannabis edibles, use extra caution to ensure that no one other than the licensed patient will consume the oil or products made with the oil. Mark your storage containers so no one will mistake what’s inside!

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